Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ramadan 2008 Special- Putera-

When is Ramadan?
Ramadan 2008 will Start in Started between the 1st of September After National Day Perade on 31 Aug 2008.Muslims follow a lunar calender rather than a solar calender. Each lunar month can be either 29 days or 30 days. The ending and thus start of a lunar month depends on siting the New Moon with the naked eye. Thus we can not determine the exact day by using a calender or by calculations. We will not know when Ramadan is until the night before Ramadan starts.

On the 29th of Shabaan ( ie 8th month of the Islamic calender and the month that comes before Ramadan) Muslims will start looking in the sky for the New moon. If a Muslim sees the New moon at Maghrib time or after Maghrib he will inform others and the start of Ramadan will be announced. And the special Taraweeh prayers will be prayer after the Isha prayer.
Then the Muslims will go to sleep and wake up just before the start of dawn and eat some food. When dawn is about to start they will stop eating and start fasting. Then pray the fajr prayers.
If the New Moon is not seen on the 29th of Shabaan. Then on the 30th of Shabaan after the Isha prayer the Muslims will start praying the Taraweeh prayers and in the morning (ie just before dawn they will observe Fasting)

Salam Ramadhan :- Puterapg

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